Welcome to my blog!

My name is Josie Watkins. I’m a fifteen (soon to be sixteen) year old girl in a small town in the Midwest. I love reading, writing, running, singing, and theater. I’m looking forward to writing about these things as well as having a place where I can voice my perspectives on world issues.

As I get older, I really become more passionate about many world issues. I hear various topics on the news and I find myself thinking about the ways things could and should be fixed. As I opened my eyes to the world around me, I noticed that girls were frequently treated unfairly and people still made jokes about and looked down upon another person’s skin color or sexuality. So basically, things that none of those people could help. I would really love to use this blog as a journal to talk about my daily life, but also as a way to express and advocate about the social issues that I feel strongly about. In the rural Missourian community that I live in, many of the ideas about equality that I have are frequently shut down. Even more so lately, I have been criticized, tutted at, ignored, or ridiculed for simply believing that people shouldn’t be judged or oppressed when they haven’t done anything to hurt anyone else. I hope that, by blogging, I actually may for once have a voice that will not be quieted by racists, sexists, xenophobes, etc.

However, I’m so fortunate to have the parents that I do. They love and accept others, and despite living in a place like this for the majority of their lives, they have taught me how important it is to do the same. My mom actually was the one to prod me to begin my new little writing venture and to find another place to vent. I’m grateful for both of my parents. I want this blog to somehow help someone when it comes to being treated unfairly – whether it gives them reassurance and hope or compels others to feel differently about something.

Whether I’m writing about my silly ideas or thoughts about life or my passionate stances on social injustice, I hope that any reader will enjoy it. Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned!