So, I finally turned 16! I was especially excited because by the time my birthday came – December 29th – I could finally drive my car by myself. A little over a month prior to my birthday, my parents bought a used Nissan Sentra for me, but they told me I had to pay a certain amount of money in order to use the car without their supervision. (In other words, I could not drive by myself anywhere until I paid them a certain price.) Fortunately, I managed to get the amount of money required just in time for my birthday. I had been quite busy with schoolwork and a local play I had a part in, so I basically sold a chunk of unused items online in lieu of getting a job.

We had to drive a little less than an hour to get to the nearest open DMV for my long-awaited driver’s exam. I was on edge; a year ago, I had never driven a car once in my life. I practiced frequently since then, but of course, I was still anxious. Fortunately, the instructor was very kind and reassuring. He gave me an 88%. I was very glad that I passed, because I had already told a couple of close friends that I was planning on taking it that day. That probably wasn’t a very good idea.

Then, to celebrate, my mom and I grabbed a bite at a really nice restaurant. The waitress discreetly asked me if I really wanted the employees to sing Happy Birthday to me, and I gratefully said no, thanks. I ate a lot of bruschetta and Alfredo, and I drove contentedly home, food baby in stomach.

I got some really cute shoes and a keychain that day from my parents. My wonderful boyfriend was actually the one who got this website for me as a birthday gift and he set it up himself. I love them all so much.

So far, sixteen feels pretty darn good. Well, as long as I find a way to get more gas money.