Junior year has already proven to be the most stressful year of high school yet. During this year, the caliber of every class is raising exponentially, becoming more and more difficult with every week, especially with adding college classes to the mix. Each student is expected to at least have partially answered the question: “What the #%!* am I gonna do for the rest of my life?” But honestly, I’m kind of glad the pressure is rising.

The End Is Coming

Just hear me out really quick. As scary as the prospect of beginning the rest of our lives is, it’s also really exciting. Finally, we get the chance to have some control over our lives and work towards having successful careers and being fulfilled in adulthood.

Instead of being sheltered by the school system, we will get to learn so much through experience and taking action. (Side note: Don’t get me wrong, I’m really grateful for my education – just not the lack of efficiency of what we learn.) The added strain of The Worst Year Of High School™ is a sign that The End Is Coming :-). So every time I’m reminded of these things, I reflect upon it with happiness rather than pessimism. Thus, I’m enjoying this year more than any other.

Difficult Assignments

In addition to anxiously awaiting the end, the added challenges of harder classes make me actually feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. I’m beginning to learn how to manage time and prioritize (I still suck at it though). Each accomplished task can give you motivation for the next obstacle. Although I’m definitely far from perfect, my initiative has yet to falter. Let’s hope it lasts the next three quarters. Ha.

Also, the extra responsibility is. So. Refreshing. Finally, your choices can make more of an impact, and society will hear your voice. This is the year where you can have the capacity to feel sort of important. Sure, the organization is a little daunting, but that doesn’t mean it has to be filled with negativity. You’re leaps and bounds closer to choosing a life that brings you bliss and passion. After feeling somewhat subdued for the past few years, one can’t help but feel invigorated when you can have a distinct impact on your life.

Let’s Stay Positive When We Can

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive when you’re given an avalanche of homework and other burdens daily, especially if you have anxiety, depression, or other mental illnesses. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed or vulnerable sometimes because ignoring these feelings build up more stress and discouragement. I can’t speak for those who do cope with these issues because I don’t suffer from anxiety or depression – all I can say is getting help is nothing to be ashamed of, and don’t isolate yourself in these demanding times.

For me, the liabilities are a sign that we are so close to graduating, going to college (or other forms of higher education/entering the workforce), and pursuing our careers. There’s so much hope in our futures. If you can help it, why shed such a dreary light on this time in our lives?